Landscape Design & Drainage

Design & Installation

A quality landscape will significantly increase the value of your home, reduce outside temperatures, provide an enjoyable outdoor space, and serve functionally in a countless number of ways. Ornamental landscaping has endless possibilities, and our staff has the expertise to create a beautiful landscape that perfectly suits your property’s environmental conditions and your aesthetic needs. Signature Landscapes provides a level of professional artistry and meticulous attention to detail that provides you with a beautiful garden for you to enjoy for years to come.

Patios, Walkways, & Retaining Walls

Signature Landscapes proudly installs a variety of hardscapes including natural and paver patios, timber walls, walkways, steps, and retaining walls. A well-crafted hardscape provides a comfortable outdoor space for everything from hosting a barbeque to enjoying a book outdoors to safely navigating your landscape. As an EP Henry Authorized Contractor, we have the expertise to create durable and reliable hardscapes that will provide you with years of entertainment, relaxation, and functionality.

Water Features

Ponds provide a stunning focal point of a landscape, which many customers proclaim to be the best investment they ever made. Our staff at Signature Landscapes has the experience and knowledge to create a balanced, healthy ecosystem that will minimize maintenance and promote local wildlife. Children and adults love the fascinating fish, frogs, dragonflies, and more that will become a part of your pond. To keep your pond running smoothly, we offer both maintenance and cleanup services!

Signature Landscapes also installs pond-less waterfalls, which offer relaxing sounds and visuals with even less maintenance than a pond. A water feature by Signature Landscapes is one of the most exciting ways to enhance your landscape!

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting extends your enjoyment of your landscape into the evening hours and allows you to relax or entertain all through the night. We pride ourselves on providing lighting that will remain safe and durable to give you years of worry-free illumination. Signature Landscapes has the experience to create impressive lighting arrangements that will beautifully transform your property and leave your landscape glowing.

Grading & Drainage

Water buildup is not just an inconvenience: it damages plants, attracts mosquitos, and can even flood your indoors. Whether your lawn requires leveling, sloping, or drain installation, Signature Landscapes has the skill to correct drainage problems that can be devastating to a property. Through careful grading and installation of drains, Signature Landscapes will properly channel water to eliminate harmful flooding on your property.

Rainwater Harvesting & Rain Gardens

Ready to move beyond basic rain barrels? Rainwater harvesting is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly ways to maintain your lawn. Rainwater overflow is filtrated, collected in an underground reservoir, and redistributed towards a variety of possible functions, including irrigation and pond-less waterfalls. Signature Landscapes will create a practical system that both reduces your work and promotes the environment.

Rain gardens also provide low maintenance and self-sustaining ornamentation that is great for the environment. Our team will work your lawn to channel excess rainfall to a garden of plants that thrive in extreme moisture and the nutrients found in rainwater. Signature Landscapes takes great pride in offering these environmentally-minded gardening solutions.