Seasonal Service

Lawn Mowing

Tired of spending your days off lugging around the lawnmower? Pass this tiresome chore off to our Signature Landscapes team through our weekly or Bi-weekly PLUS services. Our residential and commercial lawn mowing service is a great investment for anyone who wants one less thing to worry about.

Garden & Pond Maintenance

Do you want your weekends back? Signature Landscapes offers a variety of commercial and residential maintenance services, from taking care of major weeding and pruning to lighten your load, to frequent and comprehensive upkeep to let you sit back and relax all season long. All maintenance plans include a thorough spring cleanup to prepare your landscape for a prosperous year.

Power Wash & Resanding Patios

Make your old patio look brand new! Natural elements and human mishaps inevitably create grit and grime on patio. Our power washing and resanding service will eliminate all the weeds and buildup blemishing your pavers and give you a sleek and polished look you’ll want to show off.

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

Want a full and flourishing lawn? One of the most important and natural grass treatments, aeration and overseeding helps thatch breakdown, fights disease, stimulates new growth, and prevents wear and thinning. We recommend this great service to anyone with a residential or commercial lawn!

Leaf Removal & Cycling

Enjoy your fall season by giving us the work! Dead leaves on your lawn are not only unsightly, but they smother grass, promote fungal growth, and attract insects that can migrate into your home. Prevent this with our leaf removal service, and we’ll collect and dispose of these unwanted leaves for you!

We highly recommend leaf cycling (aka mulching) as an alternative to leaf removal. Studies show that long-term use of leaf cycling can virtually eliminate weeds and crabgrass. This environmentally friendly practice mulches leaves to be broken down and absorbed into your lawn, acting as a natural fertilizer and reducing landfill waste. Our leaf cycling service provides you with a relaxed and eco-friendly fall season!

Snow Removal

Don’t throw out your back this winter! Signature Landscapes offers a variety of snow related services, from standard snow removal and de-icing of walkways, porches, driveways, etc, to vehicle cleaning, to plowing. Stay warm and cozy inside while we take care of the snow on your residential or commercial property!