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Keeping Cats Out of the Garden

Love cats but don’t love them going in your garden? Outdoor cats will seek out a nice patch of soil to do their business or to roll around and play. There are a number of safe yet effective ways to keep our furry friends, or those of our neighbors, from messing up the garden. There […]

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Acid Loving Plants

Soil pH is a critical factor for gardening success. Some plants thrive in neutral soil while other plants prefer soil that is on the acidic side. The difference lies in the plant’s ability to use nutrients present in the soil. For plants that prefer an acidic soil, a critical nutrient is iron. Iron is most […]

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Tremendous Turf

The benefits of turf grass as a ground cover are numerous and often undeclared or overlooked. In recent years, turf has gotten a bad rapport due to the belief that a beautiful lawn requires a lot of hard work and dangerous chemicals. This is a misconception and the benefits far outweigh the concerns. The following […]

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