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Clay in the Garden

Clay soil is problematic. It is sticky, heavy, wet and stinky, making it tough to work with. It is slow to drain after a storm, slow to warm in the spring and difficult for plant roots to penetrate. When gardening in a site with clay soil you will need to decide whether to accept the […]

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Why Lime?

You’ve fertilized your lawn meticulously, but it is still weak and thin. What else do you need to do? Lime may be the answer. Why Lime Works Better Than Fertilizer How do soils become acidic? Over the years, calcium and magnesium, the alkaline components in the soil, become replaced by hydrogen and are lost in […]

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Shrubs for the Fall Landscape

Fall is an excellent time for gardening, not only for your own comfort, but for the comfort of your plants as well. Summer vacations are complete, nights are cool, days are warm, and there is morning and evening dew for suitable moisture and the soil is warm to stimulate roots. This is the perfect recipe […]

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