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Weeding can be an enormous time-drain and is most likely the least liked gardening chore. What’s wonderful is that we have so many weed control methods to choose from; there’s a solution for every type of gardener and their schedule.  When it comes to vegetable gardening, however, more folks than not are very particular about […]

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Get Your Mint On!

And, they’re off! This was the 143rd anniversary of the Kentucky Derby. What does that mean? Mint Juleps, of course. The Early Times Mint Julep Recipe 2 cups sugar 2 cups water Sprigs of fresh mint (spearmint is the favorite) Crushed ice Early Times Kentucky Whisky Make simple syrup by boiling sugar and water together […]

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Watering Tomato Plants

Proper watering plays a significant role in producing a healthy tomato plant with tasty, meaty, juicy fruit. So, what’s the secret? Roots Always water at the root zone–never overhead. Watering directly at the soil level will strengthen the plant’s root system. When you overhead water, much of the water will not make it to the […]

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