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More Than Just Mulch

Not only does mulch add a decorative finish to your flower beds, creating a canvas to showcase colorful blooms; it also helps keep soil cool and moist, thus reducing the need for manual watering. The addition of a 3 inch layer of mulch atop your garden soil will also contribute greatly to weed suppression.  Including […]

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Tremendous Turf

The benefits of turf grass as a ground cover are numerous and often undeclared or overlooked. In recent years, turf has gotten a bad rapport due to the belief that a beautiful lawn requires a lot of hard work and dangerous chemicals. This is a misconception and the benefits far outweigh the concerns. The following […]

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Holey Moley, Shrew or Vole!

Mole, vole or shrew: ever wonder what the difference is or why you should care? All three of these mouse-like creatures may be seen in or around your garden. Identification is important in determining if and how you should control these critters. MOLES Damage: Moles, in search of grubs, beetles and earthworms, burrow in the […]

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