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Dealing With Winter Damage

It’s early spring: time to survey the damage that this exceptionally hard winter has produced. In some areas, shrubs may still be hiding under piles of frozen snow. Severed tree limbs lie scattered across the landscape. It’s difficult to know what to tackle first. TREES Start with your trees, they are generally the most valuable […]

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More Than Just Mulch

Not only does mulch add a decorative finish to your flower beds, creating a canvas to showcase colorful blooms; it also helps keep soil cool and moist, thus reducing the need for manual watering. The addition of a 3 inch layer of mulch atop your garden soil will also contribute greatly to weed suppression.  Including […]

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Spring Lawn Renovation

Seeding: If you are planning to seed a new lawn or over-seed an existing one, it is best to seed as early as possible. It is important to get seed germinated and growing before trees begin to leaf out. This is especially true in shaded areas. Keep the area moist at all times until the […]

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