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Pruning Evergreens

When choosing an evergreen for your landscape project, it is always best to select a plant that will not outgrow its designated space. Do some research beforehand or consult one of our knowledgeable staff. You should know the ultimate height, width and growth rate of your selection before committing to one of the more costly […]

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Protecting Our Pollinators

Every garden requires pollinators, and bees are among the finest. Without them there would be limited flowers and far fewer fruits and vegetables. Did you know that about 30% of the food we eat depends on the pollination of bees? Although there are many bees that are great pollinators, like carpenter, mining, sweat and cellophane […]

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Acid Loving Plants

Soil pH is a critical factor for gardening success. Some plants thrive in neutral soil while other plants prefer soil that is on the acidic side. The difference lies in the plant’s ability to use nutrients present in the soil. For plants that prefer an acidic soil, a critical nutrient is iron. Iron is most […]

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